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Mainstream Music 101: For the Judgmental

So, I find there are usually 2 opinions on current mainstream music:

1) It’s awesome; it’s modern; it’s popular for a reason.

2) It’s not real music, it’s auto-tunned crap; it’s repetitive noise.

Of course, to those of you who think “you’re simplifying this way too much” or “you talk to the wrong people,” I’m quite aware that opinions are not limited to the ones I listed. However, I have noticed that those two radicals exist quite prominently, and like to collide (at least within my friend groups).

That conflict is what really interests me. Why? Well first of all, it’s always interesting to see two opinions about one thing collide: the exchange of ideas and arguments is intriguing.

The other part is what I’ve observed socially: the people who say they detest the music still dance to it at your usual social gatherings. Heck, they even know the words!
Yeah, you may say that’s because these songs are overplayed til everyone knows the words. Yet still, they dance to the songs, sing the lyrics and act like they truly enjoy what’s being played.


Well, upon further … research? I’m not quite sure what you’d call it — let’s just say observations — I’ve noticed that what is described by some as crappy mainstream music is what drives dances. These songs are the ones you can pump your fist to and shake your hips side to side while pretending you know what you’re doing. Their repetitive lyrics make it easy for people who don’t know the song to catch on quickly and pretend they know exactly what they’re singing. The pure simplicity of the songs make them ideal to dance to. Just imagine if dances played a bunch of obscure, complicated and unrepetitive songs: it’d make dances less enjoyable.

We enjoy dances because we can dance however we want and know what to expect. Yeah, the beats aren’t so unique and the lyrics aren’t poetic in any sense, but that’s exactly what we’re looking to dance to.

This doesn’t change the quality of the music, or how these songs are drastically overplayed, but at least it gives some reason to their insane popularity.
Haters: hate less.