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14 Days of Feb: Day 14

Yay! The last thing! We’re at number 14.

Now warning:
Due to the nature of these posts and of this…. uh… “project” of mine, I’m going to end it on a predictable and cheesy note.


And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.


Well then for number 14 of what I think about when it comes to V-day is:


Look! It's the 500th person who did the heart-in-book picture! How creative!

Yes. I am that obvious. I went there.

I think about love.

For obvious reasons.

But also in weird ways.

For instance, I think of random people who I know are together. Do they seem like they have a loving relationship? Are they doing anything today?

Or maybe my parents (don’t say ew or weird. If they’re not divorced they’re a couple). Is my dad going to do anything? Is my mom? Did they used to do things? What were things like when they were young? Did they celebrate Valentine’s day? Or did they totally forget the holiday?

It also makes me wonder about what love is. Literally and figuratively. Why we feel what we feel. Why the feeling is different depending on the relationship and person. It sounds simple, but love is actually really confusing. Unless you think of it in terms of chemicals (since it basically is a bunch of chemical signals and such in your brain), but even then it can be confusing. What makes mothers love their children? What makes some mothers hate their children? What about with fathers?

So many unanswered question.

So little time.

Yeah that’s how I spend some of my Valentine’s Day

Don’t judge.
Well you can.  I just won’t care :]
Too busy contemplating.



Well then this concludes the “14 Days of February”

Phew! That was certainly a lot of work

But also really fun 🙂 I quite enjoyed it. It made me think of Valentine’s day more than I usually do (not to mention remember it half a month in advance)

Hope you all have/had a wonderday February 14th!


14 Days of Feb: Day 13

Hey guys I know the next two posts are technically cheating because I didn’t actually post them on Feb 13 and 14, but I have reasons:

Feb 12th at night my computer decided to rebel. For some reason, after restarting my computer (it was being a bit slow and it was time for a system shut down) it decided not to start up again.

I have no idea why.

So, as a result, it needs to be sent to tech support for troubleshooting.
Thus I had close to no access to computers for blogging purposes for the last few days.

But to make up for it. I will post the last two things 🙂

So, for number 13 we have:


The fact that I’m single

One is the loneliest number...

Yeah, I’m sorry but I can’t help it: Valentine’s Day reminds me of the fact that I’m single.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s not to say I mope around about it or complain (or feel jealous). In fact, I actually don’t care or mind. I’m far too busy and occupied to actually keep up a relationship beside in name only (and it’d be quite unfair to the poor sap who was chained to me).

However, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m reminded of the fact that I’m single. I know that sounds like it has so many negative connotations, but being single isn’t a bad thing. You just haven’t met the right person, or you’re not in a rush (etc. etc.). It doesn’t matter for what reason you’re single. It’s just important to remember or realize that it doesn’t mean you’re unloved, unattractive, or will be alone for the rest of your life (forever alone… NOT).

It just means the timing isn’t right (and timing can be everything).

So for all the singles out there

Is it weird to say you’re not alone?

Well you aren’t 🙂

And I’m sure that status won’t be there for long

14 Days of Feb: Day 12

Can’t believe it’a already the 12th. I feel like I started this whole 14 days of February thing yesterday.

It also means we’re getting close to the middle of February… Wow this year is going by so fast. Scary.

But enough about that, time for thing #12 I think of when it comes to Valentine’s day:


Drama Llamas

Omg like did you see what she did? Like wow what the hell?!

Luckily, I have friends who don’t have a lot of Valentine’s day drama. Of course, this is not always the case.

It doesn’t help that those who are able to parade around with their relationships happily remind those who have failed relationships of times they miss and regret.

I’d like to clarify that this is very different from those who pretend they don’t care. These people do, and they outwardly admit it. That would be the reason for the drama. She did this, or he did that. I can’t believe that happened, and I remember last year when this was different. Blah blah blah. So many conflicts that could probably have been resolved or overcome if only people didn’t make it so dramatic.

It’s nice to be someone people can confide in, but it’s not so fun when people come to you whining about how much their life sucks (when it doesn’t) or how their boyfriend is a jerk, yet they were the ones dumped. Please stop thinking that one breakup or bad experience is the end of your will to find someone to love. The only thing it’s the end of is that relationship. You’re perfectly capable of finding someone else — someone new — to start a relationship.

Oh and please stop with the “it’s the end of the world” speeches. It really isn’t. It REALLY REALLY ISN’T.
Believe me.

Sigh well that was slightly depressing.
It’s not mean to offend anyone by the way. I understand that some people just need to vent or time to get over something. It’s natural. It’s just not something you should let ruin your whole day.
Buy some chocolates for yourself and have a nice day with friends instead!

14 Days of Feb: Day 11

3 days til Valentine’s day! Hope you all have something in mind or prepared if you have a special someone!

The next thing, however, has nothing to do with lovers. For the 11th thing we have:



Awww how cute... except the other girl isn't being loved...

For me, Valentine’s day is far from a romantic day. This year, I’m planning on baking some mini-cakes for my friends. In fact, I’m planning on doing that tomorrow! Yes your read that correctly: for my friends. That’s what I do: I have sweets to give friends on V-day.


It’s like how in elementary school you’d give valentine’s candy or those tiny cards to everyone in your class. You would make your little baggie with your name in crayon (or if you were a little older: sharpie/markers) and leave it on your desk. Then everyone would give out their candy or tiny cards (or those candies especially for V-Day with the card/note on the candy). After the distribution was over with, you’d peak in your bag and find all these little pieces of candy that weren’t just delicious, but also heart-warming. After all, someone gave you a Valentine’s day present! All these people thought of you!

That’s the feeling I try to recreate each year. Or at least, every few years. It really depends on time constraints, but whenever I can I bring candy or other treats to my friends and wish them a happy Valentine’s day. This year is chocolate cake with whipped cream filling hopefully. I say hopefully because I haven’t double checked the ingrediants for the filling…

But there will be cake!

Of course I don’t give it to EVERY friend of mine. That’d take way too much cake… I usually find a few of my closest ones and give it to them discretely. It’s not that I dont’ care for all of my friends or that I don’t have many it’s just… hard to bake for so many people…

But nevertheless, can’t wait to bake tomorrow!

So yeah, friendship. Valentine’s may be about love, but it doesn’t need to be the romantic kind. If you love your friends, that’s enough of a reason to do something special!

The next time you see your friends on Valentine’s day and have a… umm… Snickers in hand, put a little heart on it, give it to them, and say Happy Valentine’s day. It might not be much, but at least you show that you thought of them 🙂

14 Days of Feb: Day 10

Valentine’s day is Tuesday this year!
I say this year because I clearly remember it being on the weekend last year (please don’t check on this if I’m wrong…)
No, it’s not because I had a significant other. I just always feel like making chocolate cake right before or on Valentine’s day and I remember baking on the weekend last year.

So — continuing — it’s time for the 10th item on the list. Yet another thing I think of when it comes to V-day is:



Even the walls look like they're made of gold!

Now I’m specifically talking about Kay’s Jewelers and not just any jewelry store.


I hate to admit it, but this would be due to the success of advertisement. You’ve all heard of that commercial, right? The one they roll right around Valentine’s day, or even any jewelry-giving time of the year? Heck I’m pretty sure they play it 24/7. It’s the one that goes “every kiss begins with k” with the whole k = Kay. It’s rather catchy, so I always get it stuck in my head rather quickly.

The worst part is I even know which piece of jewelry they display on Valentine’s day or, at least, the one I saw awhile ago. It’s the one that looks like a heart (what a surprise) and looks like this:

See the hearts? They're so clever that there are two of them!

Yeah. I’m very aware of how sad this is. It’s also quite scary when you think about how much advertisements DO have an affect on you. Think about it: I may not be thinking of buying that piece or any piece of jewelry per say, but I now definitely know of Kay’s. So, if an occasion were to arise where I’d need jewelry like this, it’d probably be the first place I’d think of. Doesn’t help that the only other jewelry store I know of is Tiffany’s… Don’t judge…


So yeah. Kay’s. You know their advertisements are affective if they can get me to remember their advertisements, products, catchy tune AND get me to blog about them… It’s like they’ve gotten me to advertise for them!

They should pay me for this…

14 Days of Feb: Day 9

Day 9!!! Woot! Can’t believe I’ve actually kept this up. Not that this little random rant in the day isn’t fun (quite the contrary). It’s just that I’m not exactly in the “mode” or routine of blogging everyday, what with this being a young not-even-a-month-old blog and all.

And I digress…

Anyways! For today’s what I think of when it comes to Valentine’s day we have:



If it weren't for Valentine's day, people would think you were Communist.

This was another obvious, yet well substantiated thing I associate with Valentine’s day. I mean… everything is red…

Actually, when did red become the iconic color of Valentine’s day. No, a better question would be when did red become iconic of romance? I understand that red is suppose to represent love and passion, but… why?

And does that necessarily mean that EVERYTHING needs to be red? I mean yeah red roses have special meaning attached to them and there’s the whole 11 red roses superstition, but what about those poor yellow roses? Or the lovely orange ones? How about the cute pink ones? What if you hate the color red? What do you do then?

Oh and about colors and roses, I’ve been wondering: did we ever get a blue/black rose? I know they tried it with tulips and the value attached to “broken” tulips, so what about roses? I mean injecting dye has been as an alternative, but of course that’s not the same as having a naturally blooming blue rose. With all the advancement in DNA research and genetic engineering, I’d have thought it wouldn’t be too hard to engineer a blue rose.

Then again, there are a lot of people opposed to genetic engineering in general… And this is going really off-topic…

But yeah, anyways, red. I swear there’s TOO much red on V-day. It’s like seeing blood everywhere… but in heart form.

Just kidding. It’s not that bad. Actually my favorite color is red. So I quite enjoy all the red. Although I could do without all the hearts…


So yeah disregarding my tangent, there you have it!  Number nine!
That means just a few more days til the 14th! Almost there!

14 Days of Feb: Day 8

We’re officially more than halfway through now!

That also means Valentine’s day is drawing in closer!

So, let’s continue this little countdown of sorts (though it’s not REALLY a countdown… per say)

For number 8 we have:


From conversation hearts to consummation hearts.

Well this was another blatantly obvious one right? Most, or rather many, couples want their proposal night to be special — one of a kind. They want it to be that romantic evening to brag to their friends or share with their kids. It’s suppose to be a lasting memory even for non-hopeless-romantic types. The proposal day is not suppose to be one of those days that blend into the memories of the past: it’s suppose to stand out.

Thus, it’s obvious why proposals would be associated with Valentine’s day. It’s suppose to be a romantic day anyways, so going the extra mile and making it an extra-special day isn’t too difficult. People do romantic things on romantic days, so Valentine’s day (I suspect) would be a big day for moving a step forward in any relationship.

That being said, I feel like because it’s such a romantic day it’ll be almost too predictable to propose on Valentine’s day. Think about it — it’s such a romantic day that it could be overly obvious that it’s the big day. What if they expect it? It’s no fun if it’s not a surprise.

This might be media influence talking, but it’s so much more memorable, exciting and (I guess) romantic when it’s done unexpectedly. Of course, I speak from NO experience, just gut feeling (which at times can be questionable). It’s just the notion of such a special day could be more “fun” if you didn’t expect that day to be special at all. You wouldn’t be able to pull off the normal-day-turned-special feeling with the already special Valentine’s day.

So… do people actually propose on Valentine’s day? I mean the reverse can be said too: it’s so predictable that it becomes unpredictable. After all, you’d expect it, think too much about it, and then end up thinking that you’re just over-thinking. The possiblity becomes so obvious that you think it’s impossible for it to be true. Thus, it becomes an actual surprise. In that way, doesn’t that make Valentine’s day a pretty good day for proposals then?

Then we can go back around to saying because of that element, you’d end up predicting it…

It seems to be a never ending circle

Like the chicken and the egg

Except more romantic

Relationships are confusing…

Rather, being surprising is confusing…

Better stop over-thinking before I break something.

Well, til tomorrow