Hi there and welcome!

This is my first real blog (others were more like…. mind-barf with no form of English grammar present, not to say this will not be similar: it will be mind barf, but with punctuation!). I hope to use this for whatever I feel like: troubles in my life, philosophical tangents I happen upon or why I don’t like asparagus.

I’ll probably be blogging at most once every few days and at least once every few weeks (this all of course depends on the roller-coaster that is life) but for the next few months I believe I can at the very least do every week

If you have enough patience and sanity (or insanity I should say) feel free to read and comment. Warning however for those of you brave enough:

Quality is not guaranteed.

Randomness/weirdness is.

Well then, cheers!


2 responses to “About”

  1. TrOlLiNgU says :

    Do u really not like asparagus?

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