Leap for Leap Day!

As all of you know today is the day that happens but once in four years:
February 29th is Leap day!

In honor of leap day, today we shall have a post.

Luckily I won’t start with the typical guess how leap year was created? I’m sure most, if not all of you, know that leap year wasn’t created for a surprise extra day every 4 years (if only), but because it’s necessary due to the fact that a strict 365 day year doesn’t match up with our orbit around the sun.
I could talk about this… and make this a post you could just read on wikipedia…

Or I could go totally off topic.

Yup. That’s what I’ll do.

I guess on this extra day I get to post, I’ll start by thanking all of you who have read or have been reading my posts! Didn’t expect to get anyone to read this let alone this:

Ironically, my total is 365 views on leap day...

It’s only been two and a half months! 365 wow you must be joking. I KNOW I’m not THAT interesting…
Well anyways, thanks for reading for even a second 🙂 I might be just some random person ranting, but it still feels nice that I’m not talking to a wall…

*leaps for joy*
ahah… I made a pun… ha…
Moving on.
I guess  in honor of leap year and the fact that I’ve already set up this kind of trend in my “14 days of February,” I’ll talk about how:

Leap day reminds me of the Olympics.

It’s definitely the 4-year thing. Definitely. And the fact that the Olympics essentially follow the schedule. By design? I don’t know. But the London Olympics are this year (woohoo!) and I’m totally psyched.
I love the olympics. Part of it is for the sports. It might be boring to watch pro golfers and, for me, baseball players (and other sports), but watching olympic sports is by no means boring. Even curling is fun to watch when it comes to the olympics (no offense intended).
The other part is watching it with people. For me, it’s a get together event. People get together to watch the olympics be it on TV or live. Either way, it’s definitely a community thing.
Oh and the opening and ending ceremonies are sweet!

Yep. That's the only reason you should need to watch the Olympics. Other than the sports of course.

To end, it’ be really cool if they did  something interesting for leap day. Yes there are some traditions out there (like the women proposing to men one), but there hasn’t been anything that really distinguishes leap year, like a holiday kind of thing.
I guess.
Then again there’d be little meaning attached to it other than “yay it’s the extra day we have every few years,” but it’s a possibility. It could even be an economy helper since people do tend to spend more during holidays.

Oh and a fun fact:
Although it’s easy to believe that each day has an equal probability of being a birthday for someone, there are certain days or times where child birth is higher.
So, when you’re playing the brithday probability game, be cautious if leap year birthdays are thrown in. The probability of a leap year birthday is… as expected… lower than the other 365 days…


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