Geek Squad Minus the Geek

I touched based on this slightly before, but since I finally have a computer to use to blog a bit I can commence ranting.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted much recently.
That is not because I have been neglecting my poor blog (heavens no!)
Instead I faced some technical issues that, as we all know, accompany all the convenience we experience with technologic innovation.

On February 13th, about an hour before I was going to take a break and have some fun on the interwebs, I noticed my computer was being a little slow.

It wasn’t slow to the point that pages didn’t load, but it did take an extra minute for documents to open while the mouse went into the usual *I don’t know what I should do so I’ll change my image to try to distract you* intermittently. At first I just let it slide since sometimes it’ll be over in a bit.

Nothing changed.

So then I closed a few applications.

Still nothing changed.

Then I thought I might as well restart. It wasn’t terrible, but I’m a bit impatient and it had been awhile since I restarted: might as well.

That’s when everything went wrong.

After I restarted my laptop, the screen was infinitely stuck on the opening screen with the loading mouse.

It stayed that way. For 15 minutes.

I then tried to restart it a few more times until I determined that simply holding the power button  wasn’t going to do me any good.

So, I decided to wait til tomorrow and see if anything improved. After all, I had used my computer a lot that day. It deserved a break.

Too bad: no such luck.

As it was still stuck in the infinite loop, I decided to move onto the next step: tech support.

After dialing up the number and listening to the *please hold* elevator music for 10 minutes, I went step by step with the “expert” on the other side trying to make my computer listen to me. After leaving me with one way to try, I ended up having to call back not once, but twice. Having talked to 3 tech support people now, I’ve made a highly skewed and personal observation about them.
They either:

A) Try to be a “friend to you” while they help you with your computer hell (throwing in some “Ughh I know I hate when this happens sorry about it. One time…”)

B) Think you’re a total idiot

Yeah. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the results I got.
I will be fair. Some of it was influenced by the fact that my computer was being rebellious…

Bear with me: I’ll get to the point the title suggests.

Since that didn’t work I needed to then move forward and go to an actual tech support place with physical people. After talking to them about my computer and procedures (yay I have insurance!) I have reignited my disdain for tech support people (sorry for those of you out there…)

Ok disdain is strong. Dislike. Here’s why:

1) When they tell you 1 week: bull. Absolute bull. What is that?! That’s about as accurate as my computer telling me transfering 1 GB will take 2 hours: extremely inaccurate.
However it diverges from my computer in that my computer takes less time than advertised: they take more.

When they tell you ONE week, in NORMAL people time it’s TWO or more weeks

2) The people at the front desk have almost no idea what’s going on.
In my experience, they’re just there for property transfer: to give you what you gave back. They have no idea how the dark nerdy shadows in the back fixed it so there’s absolutely no use in asking. If they can give you an answer, you’re damn lucky. You’re even luckier if you don’t get momentarily tricked by tech language before you realize: wait… that told me nothing.
If you want to know what’s wrong either ask for a report or buy a computer manual.

3) They fix one part of your machine while destroying or changing something else you didn’t expect.
Luckily this didn’t happen with my computer but it happened with my iPod.
I sent it in to get the battery switched (warrantee thing for the win yay!).
That’s it.
You’d think it’d be like changing a phone battery: just taking it out and replacing. Of course, for iPods it’s a smidge more difficult (what with the sealed back and such)
But it shouldn’t be THAT hard.
They managed to erase all my data on my iPod while changing the battery.
When I got it back all my songs, apps and everything was gone. I use a weird system of putting my music and such on my iPod so it was extremely annoying to have to start from blank.

I could continue, but I guess I shall end my rant for now. To be honest, there’s a lot more I could rant about in terms of tech support and technology in general. But, alas, I need to get back on track and end my little break.
I’ll save the rest for later


I miss my laptop
(btw they told me a week…it has been more than one… I’m probably getting it back sometime this week…yay…)



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