14 Days of Feb: Day 14

Yay! The last thing! We’re at number 14.

Now warning:
Due to the nature of these posts and of this…. uh… “project” of mine, I’m going to end it on a predictable and cheesy note.


And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.


Well then for number 14 of what I think about when it comes to V-day is:


Look! It's the 500th person who did the heart-in-book picture! How creative!

Yes. I am that obvious. I went there.

I think about love.

For obvious reasons.

But also in weird ways.

For instance, I think of random people who I know are together. Do they seem like they have a loving relationship? Are they doing anything today?

Or maybe my parents (don’t say ew or weird. If they’re not divorced they’re a couple). Is my dad going to do anything? Is my mom? Did they used to do things? What were things like when they were young? Did they celebrate Valentine’s day? Or did they totally forget the holiday?

It also makes me wonder about what love is. Literally and figuratively. Why we feel what we feel. Why the feeling is different depending on the relationship and person. It sounds simple, but love is actually really confusing. Unless you think of it in terms of chemicals (since it basically is a bunch of chemical signals and such in your brain), but even then it can be confusing. What makes mothers love their children? What makes some mothers hate their children? What about with fathers?

So many unanswered question.

So little time.

Yeah that’s how I spend some of my Valentine’s Day

Don’t judge.
Well you can.  I just won’t care :]
Too busy contemplating.



Well then this concludes the “14 Days of February”

Phew! That was certainly a lot of work

But also really fun 🙂 I quite enjoyed it. It made me think of Valentine’s day more than I usually do (not to mention remember it half a month in advance)

Hope you all have/had a wonderday February 14th!


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